About Our Goods

Sashas Jewels has policies in place for goods sold to conform with UK and EC directives.


We identify which products with metal components that have been tested and are Nickel Free in the item description.

If it doesn’t state that the item is “Nickel Free” please take it as read that there may be some Nickel content in the product.

Products that are imported from countries outside the EU the risk of nickel content will be assessed in :-

earrings, body jewellery, necklaces, bracelets, chains, anklets and finger rings

Our testing regime is designed to ensure that all our products comply with
the EC nickel directive where appropriate.
The wording in the directive dictates that the nickel release limits apply
to products “intended to come into close and prolonged contact with the
skin”. Ours and Our Suppliers interpretation of this wording is that it covers most
jewellery items, not including brooches, mobile phone charms, handbag charms, and does not relate to most hair accessories, but does relate to alice bands.

We therefore have tests carried out by the Birmingham Assay Office on our products imported from outisde the EU that have no previous certificates to a level which satisfies us that our products comply.

We do not assess products that we purchase from within the EU ourselves as we have obtained letters/emails from our suppliers to confirm testing has taken place and products comply.